Coke Oven Modernization

Onex Construction performed the rebuild and modernization of a coke oven battery. The project consisted of 900,000 + brick and 4.8 million + lbs. of castable. Material storage, handling, and just in time inventory was a critical part of the job. During the winter months, Onex supplied temporary heat to the ovens to ensure material standards were met. The project was sequenced so that the owner could still continue production during repairs. The rebuild was successfully completed in 10 months with zero recordable injuries.


New 10′ Diameter 2750′ Tunnel Section, New Boilers (2)

Onex Construction installed the backup lining and shotcrete of two 10’ diameter 1375’ tunnel sections. In addition to the tunnels, Onex completed the refractory installation on two new boilers and tie in connections. In a 4-month period, Onex installed over 5 million lbs. of shotcrete. Onex worked closely with the refractory manufacturer to develop a product specific for this application. The project was completed on time without any accidents or incidents.

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Smelters, Ball Mills, Flux Furnaces

Onex Construction was solely responsible for the repair and modernization of various furnaces related to the glass industry. These furnaces consisted of intricate brick work, fused cast block, and zirconium ram. Onex worked directly with the owner to develop and implement a repair schedule to ensure production was at max capacity. Onex was responsible for organizing and storing all materials in its warehouse to achieve just in time inventory levels and maintain critical furnace components for emergency and planned repairs.