New Heat Treatment and Hot Rolling Mill Facility

Onex Construction acted as the construction manager for a new 1.8 Billion USD seamless tube facility. As the construction manager, Onex was responsible for overseeing the construction of a new heat treatment and hot rolling mill. The heat treatment consisted of an Austenitizing and Tempering Furnace, Quench and Temper Line, as well as new cooling beds, sizer, and straightener. The hot rolling mill consisted of a 150’ dia. Rotary furnace and accompanying mandrel bar furnace. The furnace incorporated a regenerative burner design to reduce emissions and overall environmental impact. Onex worked directly with the owner to meet all of the LEED requirements for certification. The project lasted 2 years and met the deadlines for startup and commissioning.

Disaster Relief Services

Over the last 15 years, Onex has worked with major disaster relief companies to help rebuild communities affected by natural disasters. Acting as a construction manager, Onex works closely with various owners to get their projects completed as quickly and cost effective as possible. During Hurricane Harvey and Irma, Onex sent various crews to the gulf area to help relief efforts. In addition, Onex sent crews and supplies to affected customers to decrease downtime and help restore operations.

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San Jacinto Placement Area Improvements

Onex Construction acted as the construction manager for the fabrication and installation of a new drop cell structure. The project consisted of a 36” effluent pipe as well as a 64-ton structure. Onex closely coordinated with the owner and project team to safely complete activities during the COVID-19 pandemic.