National Maintenance Glass Industry

Onex Construction maintains a fleet of smelters, ball mills, and flux furnaces for a leader in glass application technology. An Onex scheduled maintenance plan allows the client to focus on sales and growth with the confidence that there will be no interruption in day to day production. For this specific client, Onex had a dedicated crew available to make minor repairs or complete rebuilds. In addition, the client took advantage of our offered material inventory program to eliminate over purchasing and increase efficiency on emergency repairs.

Calciner and Multi Hearth Maintenance

Onex Construction is well versed in the maintenance and rebuild of calciners and multi hearth furnaces for a leader in process catalysts and refining technologies. For this client, Onex completed an inspection along with a complete rebuild. Onex worked directly with the owner to offer cost savings advice on new and innovative materials which would extend the life of the linings. The project was completed within the maintenance outage timeframe.

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Rotary Incinerator Maintenance

Onex Construction completes routine maintenance and inspection services on rotary incinerators used for the safe disposal of hazardous waste. The 11’ diameter rotary incinerator consists of a multi component brick lining along with a secondary combustion chamber with a water quench. Taking advantage of our inspection services allows the client to gauge the material lifespan and wear to accurately schedule maintenance outages.