Our History

Onex's roots date to 1966, when the company was a regional specialty refractory supplier and installer. The company grew into a worldwide technology leader in supplying state-of-the-art refractories, high-temp insulation, and engineered furnaces for a number of heat-intensive industries — both traditional and emerging.

Today, Onex is among the most successful and fastest-growing industrial refractory contractors and installers, with a heightened emphasis on project design, management, cost control, engineering services and consulting.

Our project Success Stories hail from Heartland USA, to the far reaches of Asia, Europe and Africa. No project is too complicated nor too distant for Onex to handle.

For nearly five decades, Onex has been delivering refractory and engineering solutions. Additionally, we provide materials, installations, technical support, and manufacturing of pre-cast components for the ferrous and non-ferrous industries.

Onex can manage work plans for highly intensive man-hour projects within any industry.

SDI furnace installation by Onex Construction