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Onex is ... where precision meets invention. Solutions are simple and effective. Efficiency and safety are maximized.

Onex is a global industrial refractory contractor, project manager, and material supplier. Contemporary design techniques. State-of-the-art delivery and installation.

Onex is a culture and value-system that has etched an astonishing record of problem-solving, cost-saving and client satisfaction. Onex offers refractory solutions, engineering skill sets and a labor force that are virtually unmatched in the industrial construction business.

Onex is expertise that will meet exact specifications and challenges within each client endeavor. Professional project managers, engineers and tradesmen who are available 24/7.

  • ThyssenKrupp Steel - New Hot Dip Galvanizing Line - Mechanical Installation I
  • WCI - New Walking Beam Reheat Furnace - Roof and Skid Refractory Installation
  • VM Star
  • SDI
  • Furnace